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Electronic Security Systems in India - May 2008

SEZ Scenario in India - January 2008


Some of our past exclusive reports are :

  • The Electronic Security Market in India - June 2007
  • The SEZ Scenario in India - Jan 2007
  • Sponsorship of Charity Programs in India - August 2006
  • Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in the UK - June 2006
  • Requirements Capturing Software Market in India - January 2006
  • Employee Assistance Programmes in the UK - May 2005

Sample Trackers

  • VC Tracker
    The Venture Capital/Private Equity Tracker is a comprehensive weekly round-up of Venture Capital (VC) and Private Equity (PE) related news pertaining to India. It tracks news on VC/PE investments across sectors, news on new fund launches focusing on India, industry outlook and government policy decisions affecting the industry.
  • Media & Entertainment Tracker
    The Media & Entertainment Tracker provides an update of the latest developments in the Indian Television, Digital Media & Entertainment Industry. Additionally the tracker also comprises sections on the business of sports especially cricket and football and reality shows worldwide.
  • BrandWatch
    Brand Watch tracks new brand/product launches on a weekly basis. Media companies could use these new brands/products to associate/sponsor their upcoming media properties. The brand launches cover the whole gamut of industries from FMCG to electronics.
  • Tourism MediaWatch
    The Media Watch Tracker is a fortnightly tracker providing expansive coverage on the hospitality industry in India. The tracker specialises in developments related to the hotel industry in particular. The scope of the tracker includes government news, industry outlook, hotel project developments/launches, news on online portals and upcoming events in the hospitality space.
  • Debt Industry Tracker
    The Debt Industry Tracker is a quarterly tracker providing an analysis on the consumer debt industry in the UK. The tracker reports various trends in the industry viz. consumer debt, consumer credit, debt collection, regulation and company information. Additionally it also covers the latest international consumer debt industry trends.

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