IndiQuest Releases Report Titled 'Electronic Security Systems in India'

Company Press Release

June 2007

IndiQuest Research Services has released its report titled 'Electronic Security Systems in India' today. The report released, will focus on the nascent but potent electronic security industry in India and highlights the trends that have prompted many players in the industry to establish their business here.

Three factors have primarily contributed towards the sudden demand for electronic security devices in India. Firstly, India's growing economy and increasing standard of leaving has made it a prime target for subversive activities aimed at the government and individuals alike. Added to this India's continual and concerted efforts at curtailing terrorism over the past three decades has made the country a prime target for such destructive activities. As a result, the country's internal security agencies have started to use such security electronic devices to assist them in identifying and arresting the occurrences of such incidents. Secondly, security devices help in the prevention of unauthorised access to a company's assets may compromise an organisation's integrity in the face of its customers and will eventually lead to loss of business for the organisation. Also, organisations find themselves increasingly being targeted by extremists, as a result of which there is a growing demand for security devices from private organisations. And lastly, increasing salaries and changing cultural values coupled with the increasing occurrences of crime amongst India's urban populace has forced citizens to now consider installation of such equipments for household usages.

The report is a must have for all companies that want to capitalise on the early mover advantage in India's burgeoning electronic security devices market. To know more about the report, please contact

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