'Introduction to Mobile Television - Global and Indian Landscape' released by IndiQuest

Company Press Release

March 2007

A new report titled 'Introduction to Mobile Television - Global and Indian Landscape' was released today by IndiQuest Research Services. The report released follows the company's strategy to address the niche and highly potent sectors in India as well as the rest of the world.

Mobile television will open up new revenue earning avenues and lift up the sagging profits of players in this industry. Mobile television offerings need to be negotiated and dealt with carefully in order to extract maximum potential and contribute significantly towards a telecom service providers profits. The report focuses on the two vital factors - content and advertising, that will be primarily responsible in determining the future of this offering. The report also provides a groundcheck on the various mobile television offerings globally and gives a comparative analysis on the various technologies that are competing for the delivery of mobile television services.

The report highlights issues service providers need to evaluate before incurring any capital expenses and will serve in making an informed decision prior to venturing into it. To know more about the report, please contact indiquest.reports@indiquest.co.uk

About IndiQuest

IndiQuest, which has been funded by Netdecisions Investments, offers a comprehensive range of customised business intelligence structured to meet the strategic requirements of the clients' businesses.

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