IndiQuest releases three new reports on SEZs, physical security market and medical tourism in India

Company Press Release

January 2007

IndiQuest Research Services announces the launch of three new reports on niche sectors namely, the SEZ sector, the physical security market and medical tourism in India.

The SEZ sector is considered to be corporate India's biggest investment rush. Currently 400 SEZ projects are on the anvil in India. The SEZ report provides in-depth insights on factors that will entice the global investor to set up base in an Indian SEZ and the pay-offs of such an investment.

A rapidly growing economy, rising individual wealth and growth of corporates in India has fuelled the need for electronic security equipments in India. The report on the physical security market in India provides insights on products that will be in demand in India in the coming years and would be beneficial to local users.

Long waiting times and exorbitant fees for treatments like cardiac surgery, dentistry and cosmetic surgery are forcing many foreigners to consider India as a destination for medical treatment. The report on medical tourism looks at the growing medical tourism market in India and gives a roadmap for the future to investors in the sector.

All in all these reports cover aspects related to the current as well as estimated demand-supply scenario, micro and macro economic factors influencing the sectors, key players, regulatory framework in context of the industry, opportunity, financial feasibility, recommendations and market entry strategies.

IndiQuest has been specialising in India-centric research and consultancy work for clients outside India as well as in India. In order to cater to the rising demand for data and information on niche sectors in India, IndiQuest released these three reports which will be followed up with more on various other niche sectors.

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