"Thanks for the reports, they are very comprehensive. The next step for me is to get back to you in terms of the next set of research"

- Commercial Director

Client Profile
A UK-based developer of hotel property management system. The client's business is operational in three countries outside of the UK.

Business Situation
The company was trying to establish its market presence in India and wished to understand the structure and dynamics of the hotel businesses and the psyche of the decision-makers as consumers of their products.

IndiQuest Solution

  • The study was divided into two sections - a) Secondary research on specific facts, b) Qualitative Focus Group discussions.
  • A thorough secondary research unearthed facts on:
    • Tourism statistics further sub-categorised by domestic & international and business & leisure
    • Growth of online tourism supplemented by Internet usage and Internet penetration
    • Tourism organisations and their structure in the country
    • Size of the travel accommodation sector
    • Major online distribution channels
    • Tourism associations representing the accommodation sector
  • A separate study involving two Focus Group discussions on the client's product were conducted in two cities in India - one a business destination, one a leisure destination.
  • The findings revealed:
    • Distinguishing and Alienating features of the offering
    • Fit / Misfit with the requirements of hotels in India
    • Reactions to price

The study set the introductory 'ground work' for the client, basis which, their subsequent plans were laid. The client understood the structure and dynamics at the industry level and the receptiveness to their products at the consumer level.